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Vocal Remover & Karaoke

Separate voice from music for free at the best possible quality in 2024

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How to use free vocal remover online

Experience the cutting-edge AI vocal remover software, effortlessly extracting vocals from any audio track in just three simple steps. Achieve pristine instrumental sound, create karaoke versions, or remix songs with ease

Upload audio file

Click the โ€™Browse Files", and upload audio file. MP3, WAV, FLAC and more, or click โ€™Add YouTube URLโ€™ to upload song directly from YouTube.

Remove vocals from music

By AI algorithm, all the vocals in the audio will be recognized automatically and then separated from the music in just a few seconds.

Download files

Once the vocals have been removed, listen to the audio, and then download the Karaoke song, instrumental sound, or background music.

Using the vocal remover feature you can play and sing along with your favorite songs!

Tune your music

Create your own unique sound! Our advanced AI makes it easy for you to isolate vocals, guitar, drums, bass, and more from any song. Easily mute or emphasize particular instruments.

Set your creativity free

Donโ€™t be confined by the original components. Unleash your creativity and improvise. Play and sing your favorite songs on your terms! Take charge of your artistic expression.

Best Karaoke

To make the experience even more convenient, not only will the vocals be seamlessly removed from the track, but youโ€™ll also have the added benefit of being able to read the lyrics while the song is playing.

HQ Audio Separation

Elevate your creative projects with top-tier audio separation. Our Pro Planโ€™s exclusive feature delivers impeccable results, raising the bar for your music production endeavors.


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Max 8 min
Quality: High
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Unlimited Songs
Max 30 Min
Quality: Very High
Karaoke Lyrics
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1 Song
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